Make No Mistake!

Whether it is Custom Casework, Store Fixtures, or Countertops - straight off the assembly line or custom in every detail, we are your firm. We are unique in the industry, marrying the function of time tested design & experience with cutting edge ideas & technology. The result is a project you will be proud of for years to come.

As you can see from the projects pictured in our Portfolio, if you choose Five Star Fab & Fixture for your next project, it will be clear that you chose well. Browse our website and see some the finest in quality & design.

You are the Focus

At Five Star Fab & Fixture, customer service is paramount. It is our job to make sure your project is everything you expect, and more. We help you get from concept to completion, without the hassles normally associated with construction related projects. We accomplish this with our experienced staff of Project Managers and Customer Service Representatives.